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Evidence-based strategy

Our approach is based on results from rigorous academic and empirical industry investment, research, supplemented by Gladstone proprietary research . Every Gladstone strategy systematically and rationally applies the results of this research.

Asset Allocation

Studies indicate that asset allocation is the primary determinant of portfolio performance. Determining the amount to have in each asset class tends to be more important than deciding how to implement each asset class. Only after carefully determining broad market sector allocations do we turn to choosing individual securities.

Expense Management

Over time, investment costs and taxes can significantly reduce returns. Since an investor has the most control over these factors, cost mitigation is at the forefront of our strategy. We are committed to minimizing taxes and all transaction fees. In addition, Gladstone eliminates intermediary and investment product expenses by building portfolios in-house using individual securities.

Risk Management

Risk of loss on any type of investment varies substantially over time. Yet many investment managers treat risk of loss as relatively static. Gladstone estimates the expected return relative to risk of loss of every investment possibility every time we make a client asset allocation decision. Our objective is to provide clients with eh highest expected return relative to the risk they are taking.


Sensible diversification is essential for improving the relationship between risk and return. Diversification allows an investor to benefit from combining different types of economic risks to generate expected returns. Gladstone uses rigorous quantitative processes to eliminate avoidable risks such as those arising from concentrated positions in a particular security, geographic region, or industry group.

Factor-Based Indexing

Gladstone believes factor-based indexing is likely to outperform traditional indexing strategies. Factor-based indexing includes parameters other than market capitalization when determining weighting of constituents of an index universe. The Gladstone strategy offers the opportunity for above market returns by tilting portfolios towards risk factors (value, momentum, reversal, size) that help improve asset returns.


Clients deserve conflict free advice and full visibility into their portfolio holdings and fees. Compensation practices, product sales, and the combination of several lines of business all contribute to conflicts of interest at large broker/dealers and other financial institutions. Gladstone prides itself on providing unbiased advice. We do not sell products or receive compensation from third party platforms.

Investment Horizon

Successful investing requires sufficient time to realize an asset’s or strategy’s long term expected return. We allocate capital across a diversified pool of assets and invest for the long run. Every strategy and asset class has periods of disappointing performance. Abandoning the investment plan and chasing what’s recently worked is destructive to long term success.

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